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Climate: Temperate
Ecology: Forest
Borders: Fields of Ysgard, Frostheim Mountain, Naldanskar, Heidabyr, The Great Divide, Alliance Park, Reenkep

The Far Wood dominates much of the Mainland of Ysgard. Starting from the divide the woods follow the base of Frostheim all the way round to Naldanskar and south west towards Heidabyr. There are many old and dark places in the woods and travelers are advised to take care.

Places of Note

Caves: There are numerous caves in the woods at the base of Frostheim. The caves themselves are known to be home to various strange and unusual creatures.

Black Steel Citadel: This fortress sits on a berg to the south of the divide. It used to be home to The Six, but stood abandoned for quite some time after their defeat until a group of Jötunn moved in and took over.

Fallen Giant: The fallen giant is a local nick-name given to what appears to be an old statue buried in the woods. There are many stories explaining the statue but the most popular one is that it is the remains of a Jötunn slain by Thor.

Celestial Keep: The keep sits north of the divide and is reachable by horse. The Celestial Order are based here. Recently they have allowed access to a small shrine dedicated to the god Almara but the keep itself is still off limits to civilians.

Urend’s Store: Just north of the divide is a small cabin which used to belong to the candy fairy. The fairy left and the wizard Urendurario'za (or Urend for short) moved in and set up shop. He sells many items of interest to arcane casters and is always interested in acquiring new stock.