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Naldanskar Village

Climate: Temperate-Cold
Ecology: Plains.
Government: Tribalism Magocracy
Size: Small village
Political Affiliations:
Education: Low
Economy: Poor
Average Race: Human
Average Class: Barbarian
Average Alignment: Chaotic Good
Borders: Fields of Ysgard, The Farwood, Frostheim Mountain, Coastline.

Sitting in the shadow of the Frostheim Mountain, Naldanskar Village is a hardy and self sufficient village. The people of Naldanskar are tall and strong and have a proud warrior tradition. The village is protected from attack by a wooden wall and the guards are ever watchful.

Kered Rift sees to the horses that most use for passage to and from Naldanskar.

Places of Note

The Broken Jaw Tavern: A place for a good drink and the occasional fight. Janden Wenthur keeps bar and always has a good supply of ‘Naldanskar Brew’, which is brewed locally. Many of the locals frequent the bar in their spare time. Tomar and Dul Anshumesh in particular may be persuaded to tell a tall tale for the price of an ale.

Dock: Nandalskar has a small dock for traders and fishermen. One such trader is Rjiod, a Viking captain who sails between Naldanskar and Uth Nord.

Thor’s Shrine: The shrine to Thor is truly a marvel. High Priest Afi watches over the shrine and provides spiritual guidance to Thor's faithful.

Norrick’s East – Dorrick’s Pack Animals: Dorrick Blake runs a pack animal business that services travelers and craftsmen who need to move a large amount of goods.

Locals of Note

Peroippi Turd: Peroippi is a Halfling and is easily the shortest woman in the village.

Algard Hammerthrow: Algard runs a small open air smithy. His wares include a Chain Mail Bikini which is popular with the locals as a gag gift.

Chana: Chana is a local huntress and also sells supplies for those looking to tan hides and work with leather.