Fields of Ysgard

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Climate: Temperate
Ecology: Plains
Borders: Frostheim Mountain, Naldanskar, Heidabyr, The Far Wood

The Fields of Ysgard stretch out from the Far Wood and follow the base of Frostheim all the way around to Naldanskar and form the bulk of the Mainland. Due to roaming bands of goblins and orcs, travel by horse is advised.

Places of Note

Lycan Cave: Near the western edge of the Far Wood sits a cave carved to look like the mouth of a giant wolf where many lycanthropes make their home. The lycanthropes are fierce and cunning creatures and are best avoided by casual explorers.

Tower of Iron Will: The tower was built by a group of Psions to act as both school and home. Because of its remote location at the top of a steep cliff face, most of the tower’s visitors take an air ship from the Great Divide.

The Dig Site: Lyrella Cor’ren of the Planar Cartographic Society operated the dig site to explore a lost ruin. However an explosion and subsequent collapse have brought the dig to a premature end and she is looking for new sites. Travelers looking for work can still check in with Vasham who may have something available.