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Climate: Temperate
Ecology: Plains
Size: Small Town
Education: Good
Economy: Fair
Average Race: Human
Borders: Fields of Ysgard, The Farwood, Frostheim Mountain
Location: Mainland

Heidabyr is a small town east of the Frostheim Mountains. A temple to the Aesir sits prominently in the center of the original town and the town is often visited by travelers seeking the temple. The town begun as a small and quiet village, but expanded due in part to its popularity as a place to visit. Although the town was destroyed by a Cult the residents were resilient and rebuilt. The town is home to the headquarters of the Merchants of Commerce

Places of Note

Silver Harp Inn: The inn is named after the barkeeps wife, a bard of renown. The atmosphere is pleasant and local mead is considered some of the finest in the land.

The Temple of the Aesir: The temple sits in the center of town and draws many of the towns visitors. On occasion Lynnea of Freya has used this as a meeting spot when she requires aid to prevent harm to Ysgard.

The Song and Sonnet: A shop that deals with bardic requirements.

Silvergear Bookstore & Alchemy Supplies: This bookstore was destroyed and its owner, Adalia Teros'yai, abducted so for a while Merugo Olavefergen ran a temporary shop. He considered her a friend and felt he should keep her business running, especially as the books she sold were printed by him. When Adalia was rescued her shop was rebuilt and she resumed her business.

Fineous’s Shop of Magical Wonders: While there is not much for sale the owner, Fineous Napples, is always looking for interesting things to add to his collection and has provided space for Kebur Smalvarks, a Dwarven Golemsmith.

Skadi Mining Company: Vanah, Waliand, Ronus and Delinus Palteren run the company and maintain the equipment.

Heidabyr School of Magic: Under the guidance of Soleis, High Priest of Sune, this has been rebuilt both physically and philosophically. A mage school had been hidden in the basement of a house and became infamous for its connections to the Demigoddess Cassandra and that it was teaching Blood Magic. This school was rendered derelict when its headmaster Celestian Klener went missing and all its students were slain during the destruction of Heidabyr. He remains unaccounted for and none of them returned from the halls.

Some time later an investigation past a grill in this school showed that twisted and dangerous creatures had been feeding on the blood flowing down through this. With the aid of the Legion of Nuvar these were slain and their extensive caves sealed off to ensure the safety of the town. The house was then demolished and a new, far larger, school built with classrooms and laboratories that could be openly seen rather than being hidden away as a secret. Visitors to the school can speak with the receptionist Silinda.

Locals of Note

Norian Kennen: Norian Kennen tends to the horses that most travelers use to visit the town.

Eowir: Eowir is one of the local farmers.

Jerger: Jerger is one of the local farmers.

Simon Before the destruction, Simon was head guard. Now he has also taken up the mantle of acting mayor

Heidi: One of the towns youngest residents is the young girl Heidi. She is bright and full of fun. Her aunty watches over her while she plays