Alliance Park

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Climate: Temperate
Ecology: Plains
Borders: The Far Wood

Alliance Park was a gift to the people of Ysgard to act as a meeting and celebration place. The park boasts an open air bar, a trade hall and is home to The Muse, the performance hall for STAR. The stalls within the trade hall have a variety of local goods on offer.

People of Note

Dana Undry: Dana is a blue skinned woman who tends the bar and festival ground in the park.

Dekin: Most people arrive by horse from the Great Divide. The kobold Dekin tends the horses and keeps them fit for travel.

Bell Rhapsody: Inside the trade hall is a café, which Bell runs. Her horns hint at an unusual lineage.

Kashard Kenner: Kashard has an office in the trade hall. He administers the stalls and storage services provided at the hall.