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Climate: Grey and Gloomy
Government: Mageoracy
Size: District of a larger city.
Political Affiliations: None
Education: High
Economy: Depressed
Borders: Yggdrasil, Naldanskar, other planes and worlds.

Nobody knows when or why or how long the Lost District has been cut off from the rest of Sigil. Nobody even remembers what it was called before. Chances are, nobody cares. It's not as if a body can't come and go as they please. Unlike most of Sigil, the "Doors" here tend to be unlocked. (Some are even so unlocked, worlds have started leaking through from the other side!)

But those who have been here a while and those who stay too long develop a sort of apathy. Whatever lies beyond the doors holds no interest to the poor sods trapped here. Cut off from the Lady, Factions no longer argue amongst themselves. Deliberate crime is rare but so is deliberate altruism. Even the Hardheads, known throughout the Planes for their relentless pursuit of law and order, seem to only stand around out of habit.

People mill around the district going about their business and to the outsider's eye life all looks like it should. Those familiar with the "real" Sigil", the rest of Sigil, tend to find the atmosphere of this place unnerving and are quick to find the nearest way out.

((OOC note: Natives of this district do not ever leave, so players should not make characters with a background of having come from this part of Sigil.))