Uth Niord

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Climate: Snowy
Ecology: Arctic/Coastal
Size: Small Village
Average Race: Half-Orc
Average Class: Barbarian
Borders: Mountains, Mimir Wood, Coastline.
Location: Mainland

Uth Niord is a predominantly Half Orc settlement that sits between Mimir Wood, a mountain range and the ocean. The weather is cold and harsh and the living is hard. The few travelers that do come are usually on business. Most people choose to stay inside and bundle up in warm furs if they must venture out.

When this village was founded they were preyed on by a seemingly indestructible beast called the Grenastor and its attacks had only been stopped by the combination of their walls being built and the sacrifice of a woman called Dalia, who had lured it into a passageway sealed by enchanted doors. More recently the village was attacked and severely damaged by those seeking the Grenastor and its mystical heart.

So the villagers have always been keen to have the protection of their high wooden wall and the guards always well motivated to be watchful despite the cold.

Places of Note

Port Uth Niord: The port is nothing more than a dock with a warehouse, but as far as the locals are concerned it’s a port. Rjiod, a local sailor, sails between Uth Niord and Naldanskar. Vugdishnak Gergendol runs a small fur trading company out of the warehouse.

Molten Lary’s Smithy:. Molten Lary is a fire giant who has chosen to set up shop in Uth Niord and sell his wares. Lary and his fire elemental apprentice keep a good stock of fine weapons.

Temple of Tyr: Just to the north of Uth Niord, the temple of Tyr sits in the shadow of a large mountain where giants are known to lurk. The temple is tended by a priest and a pair of guards. Many of Tyr’s faithful enjoy the pilgrimage imposed by having a temple at the end of a reasonably long and arduous journey.

Locals of Note

Daura Gunergil: Daura runs a small bed and breakfast in the common building and also sells a few drinks.

Brinn: Brinn is a fire giant who sells leathers and furs.