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Climate: Temperate
Ecology: Plains bordered by Mountains
Government: Military
Size: Large Fortress
Average Race:Human, Dwarf
Average Class:Fighter

In the beliefs of some of those that come to this plane in death are legends of a great and endless battle. Rockgate Fortress and the fields outside it are where these legends come closest to coming true. Here mighty warriors defend their walls through eternity while others attack, each side's fallen being restored at the end of each day.

Despite this constant warfare there are shops in the Fortress and in the smaller fort the attackers have built and both sides generally recognise the neutrality of travelers and allow free passage through their fighting. The main reason for visitors to the Fortress though is to visit and harass the great Black Dragon Bellithrax that lairs in caves deep beneath it.

Rockgate can broadly be split into three areas, the Fortress, the Fields outside it where the besiegers camp, and the Mountains to the East above it. Many travelers see only the first as there is where Bellithrax is and there is where the airship from the Great Divide arrives. Before the destruction of the Great Bridge and the introduction of the airship services the two routes did lead through the other two areas though.

One route is no longer available as it passed along the Infinite Staircase to a portal in the mountains beyond the fields. The other route though can still be traveled, through Bastion and the Temple of Odin and then down the Rockgate East mountains. Some caution is advised as Ogres and Mountain Giants are unwelcoming, but plants for alchemy or cooking can be found and the Shrine of Shaundakul in those mountains is worth a visit.