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Sara is about 5'5 and except for slightly pointed ears she takes after her human mother. She is well proportioned with feminine curves and a certain regalness about her. Her hair is shoulder length, wavy and a silvery color, but not from age. She usually keeps it tucked behind her ears, and even though strands are always escaping she never ties it back. Her skin is mostly covered in small, silvery, and almost transparent scales which tend to reflect the colors of whatever is around her and sometimes shine iridescent in a certain light. Sara's eyes are an unnatural, almost unnerving sapphire blue and she has an intense stare that is not uncommon among celestials.

In contrast to her beauty, her hands have been brutally scarred and she clearly shows symptoms of nerve damage. She can grasp a sword or hold a crossbow but delicate work, such as writing, becomes difficult for her. To most who ask about her hands, she simply replies "Did you know a Staff of the Magi will break surprisingly easy?"


Most of the time Sara is quiet and soft spoken. She doesn't like attention and in most social situations she prefers to remain on the fringes of a crowd, simply listening and watching others. She is quick to lend a gentle touch and a kind smile to any in need of comfort, and has often offered her home and/or temple as sanctuary to anyone who needs it.

She is far from fluffy or flaky however. She has the experience of a General, and has no misgivings about taking command when the need arises. She respects politeness, compassion, honor, and strength. She has little tolerance for self pity (even though/especially because she has been known to indulge in it) and has no tolerance for evil.


It is rumored Sara's father was an elven necromancer on the prime. It is also rumored that she may have killed him. She has mentioned to a very few that she has two half (or possibly adopted) brothers, and has implied they may be of fiendish blood. Little else is known of her history before coming to Hala except that she arrived in the company of Grimm Imagolas and that the two were inseparable. Then something happened to turn Grimm's soul dark and he turned to the demon army. In an attempt to help him, Sara signed on with the Celestial Army and through many battles the Celestials drove off the demons. The taint on Grimm's soul was never healed though, and he eventually disappeared.

Over the years, Sara rose in rank with the Celestial Army, and when the army left Hala she became Adonai of the Celestial Order. She married twice, once to Xai Zentoku and later to Tristran Greenlin. Unlike most in the CO/CA who followed Almara, Sara chose to worship Bahamut (some say this is due to events preceding her arrival on Hala). She fought in many battles against Zharastharon, Shagarath, The Lord of the Night and even Tiamat. For her service, she was knighted and later blessed as a Champion of Bahamut.


Though once a fairly skilled marksman, Sara can no longer hold a bow. Her weapon of choice is a 2-bladed sword, platinum, covered in draconic runes and glowing with positive energy. At one time she would dance with this blade, using her grace and speed to make up for what she lacked in strength. But injuries have cost her the dexterity she once had, so now she relies more on a longsword, heavy armor, and a shield made entirely of magic to defend herself.


Sara can usually be found at the Temple of Bahamut, near Hangate and above Sagrin Jelf Road.

Lady Sara Fyne

(has also gone by Sara Greenlin and Sara Zentoku)

Gender: Female
Age: unknown, though it is known she has lived on Hala a very long time
Deity: Bahamut
Race: Half-Elven
Affiliations: Previously of the Celestial Order
Class: Sorcerer/Cleric/Dragon Disciple