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Psion Stats



Requirements: Non-Chaotic alignment, and at least one level in any other class.
Hit Dice: d6
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple, Druid, Rogue
Armor Proficiencies: Light
High Saves: Will, Fortitude
Bonus Feats: Arcane Defense (Enchantment), Check PSP Total
Base Attack Bonus: See "Psion Stats" chart to the right.
Skill Points: 4+INT mod
Class Skills: Concentration, Heal, Lore, Persuade, Search, Spellcraft, Spot
Feat Progression (Non-Psionic): The standard 1 feat at every 3rd character level. Psions do not receive bonus feats or epic bonus feats.
Feat Progression (Psionic): Two powers may be selected each level. The normal feats received every third level may be used to take an additional power if a psion level is taken at that time.

PSP Total Progression:
10 + (10 * PsionLevel) with a bonus for high Wisdom, Constitution and Intelligence. The Wisdom bonus is applied at each level; the bonus from Constitution and Intelligence only affects the starting PSP (i.e., at first level).

PSPs are gained as follows:
At first level: PSP = {(WIS - 5) * 2} + (CON - 15) + (INT - 15) + Feats^ taken at first level, where (Stat-15) has a minimum of zero.
Each new level: PSP = Current Total + {(PsionLevel-1) * (WIS-5)} + Feats^ taken at that level, where (WIS-5) has a minimum of 10.
^ Feats that affect PSP amount, such as Expansive Mind.

PSPs are re-calulated as follows:
Whenever one of these elements changes (i.e. WIS, CON, or INT increases or decreases, PsionLevel changes, appropriate feats are taken), the following formula is used to combine those above [once again (Stat-15) has a minimum of zero, and (WIS-5) has a minimum of 10]:

PSP = {(WIS - 5) * 2} + (CON - 15) + (INT - 15) + Feats + {(PsionLevel-1) * (WIS-5)}

DCs for Psion powers:
12 + 1/2 PsionLevel + Applicable Stat Modifier, except for Ultrablast and Contact which start at 10 and 16 respectively.

Psion Power Score and Power Check:
When a psionic power is first used, a power check is made. A power check is a d20 roll against that ability's power score. The lower the roll the better. For example, the Psychometabolism ability "Accelerate" has a power score of "Con -2". So, if your Con stat is 16, you need to roll a 14 (Con -2) or under to succeed.

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On Hala

Arkon wrote:

"Psions have to be Non-chaotic. This makes perfect sense as they have to have a sound (i.e., non-chaotic) mind in order to have the control needed to use their minds in this way.

Hala/Ysgard is a Chaotic Plane... The decision has not been made as of yet, but I could see Psions becoming locked and non choosable in Hala's future depending on what the rest of the Team thinks about it. As a Chaotic plane, all Hala "born" should automatically be chaotic in my opinion, but doing that does not seem fair to the characters or players, but it does make sense that no Hala native would be able to be a psions in my opinion.

This is just my opinion and not necessarily the opinion of the team at this time."

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